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Sex from Molecules to Elephants (Coursera)

Sexual reproduction can be defined as the sort of reproduction by which each organism arises from the fusion of two cells. This generally implies, with some exceptions, that each organism has two parents. This description might sound trivial it is however not at all. Before the appearance of sex, [...]

Basic Genetics (

This course explores the role of meiosis in creating genetic variation. An investigation of alleles, traits, genotypes, phenotypes, genetic crosses, and the role of dominance is used to explore simple Mendelian genetics, as well as the use of pedigrees.

Cell Biology (

Legacy Course
Cell Biology (
Free Course
The cell is the fundamental unit of life; in fact, the smallest living organisms are composed of a single cell. We have learned that, despite their small size, cells are far from simple, and we have only recently begun to understand just how complex they are. This course will [...]