Mandarin Communication Professional Certificate

What you will learn:
- Students will study different scenarios and learn basic vocabulary for communication on daily life topics, such as hobbies, food, numbers, movies, sports, and health.
- Students will also acquire the skills to talk about some current affairs in Mandarin Chinese, such as trade fairs and tariffs.

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Mandarin Chinese Level 3 (edX)

Self Paced
Mandarin Chinese Level 3 (edX)
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Advance your Mandarin Chinese by tackling different topics in dynamic business scenarios with extensive vocabulary and compound sentence structures. Drawing from the skills you developed inpreviouscourses in this series, you will learn how to address yourself more properly in different business [...]
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Mandarin Chinese for Business (edX)

Learn common Mandarin Chinese business phrases and understand Chinese culture so you can communicate professionally in the largest market in the world. Take the next step in learning Mandarin Chinese and expand your language skills so you can effectively communicate in Chinese business. In this language training course, you [...]
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