Malicious Software

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Threat Analysis (Coursera)

If you are an associate-level cybersecurity analyst who is working in security operation centers, this course will help you understand Incident Analysis in a Threat-Centric SOC.

Malware Analysis and Introduction to Assembly Language (Coursera)

Malicious software, or malware, is typically delivered over a network and is designed to cause disruption to a computer, client, server, or network. Disruptions can include leaked private information, unauthorized access to information or systems, blocked user access, interference with security and privacy, or numerous other variations of attacking [...]

Securing Software, Data and End Points (Coursera)

May 20th 2024
Securing Software, Data and End Points (Coursera)
Course Auditing
Welcome to Course Four. As we know, most attacks against systems involve exploiting vulnerabilities in software that powers hardware. Additionally, attackers may exploit vulnerabilities in the underlying hardware, especially when that hardware is for the protected against being stolen or accessed with unauthorized use, but their real target and [...]