Learn English: Writing Effectively with Complex Sentences Specialization

This specialization is for English learners who want to write with greater sentence complexity. Through three courses, you’ll learn how to identify adverb, adjective, and noun clauses and how to avoid making common mistakes associated with each type. You will also learn how to use the three types of complex sentences to express your ideas in more sophisticated ways.

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Writing with Adverb Clauses (Coursera)

If you struggle to express complex ideas in English, don’t worry! This course will lead you step-by-step on your journey to more advanced writing. In the first part of the course, you’ll learn some basic information about adverb clauses. Then, we’ll dive into the categories of ideas that [...]

Writing with Noun Clauses (Coursera)

This course is designed to hold your hand step-by-step through the most basic concepts of noun clauses all the way to the end goal of writing a paragraph with varied noun clauses. With each individual lesson, you’ll watch both introductory and guided practice videos which will give you tips [...]

Writing with Adjective Clauses (Coursera)

Do you have a hard time describing things, people, and places in English? This course will show you how to be more descriptive in your writing by incorporating adjective clauses in complex sentences. You will begin each course learning some basic information about adjective clauses. Then, we’ll get into [...]