JavaScript Security Specialization

In this Specialization, we will investigate, prevent, and resolve JavaScript-related attacks and learn how to build safer JavaScript applications. JavaScript is a fundamental technology for building web applications and is also popular for building server-side, desktop, and even mobile applications. Most of this learning Specialization will cover front-end JavaScript; however, we will also consider Node.js. After completing this Specialization, you will understand the diverse threats and protections of the JavaScript world.

- XSS and remote code execution.
- Regular expressions.
- CSRF and browser security.
- XSS and Javascript Remote Code Execution.

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JavaScript Security part 2 (Coursera)

This course covers Expressions, Prototype Pollution and Ecosystem Modules (npm) and Supply Chain.
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JavaScript Security part 1 (Coursera)

Jan 17th 2022
JavaScript Security part 1 (Coursera)
Course Auditing
This course covers XSS and Javascript Remote Code Execution and CSRF and Browser Security.
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JavaScript Security Part 3 (Coursera)

This course covers Serverless Javascript and Web Developer Desktop Security.
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JavaScript Security Refreshers (Coursera)

This course is a Secure Javascript Programming Overview. It gives the student an introduction to JavaScript security and covers important topics like authentication best practices and refreshers on JavaScript, Web browsers and Node.js.
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