Introduction to Stroke Care Professional Certificate

When stroke occurs, the most frequent question asked by a survivor was whether he/she could recover. The post-stroke rehabilitation journey may take months to years, and even a lifetime. Therefore, every stroke survivor needs to adapt into the new normal to regain and more often to relearn certain body functions and skills.
What is the cause of stroke? What factors determine the location and severity of brain damage caused by stroke? How a life could be saved during a stroke event? Whether damage and recovery are all by chance? Are there any factors determining how long it takes for recovery? Would there be full recovery?
Optimal outcomes of recovery rely on the collaboration between the survivor and the interdisciplinary stroke team. Individual healthcare professionals play different roles and approaches at different stages of the recovery journey. Independent disciplines are working dependently and cohesively to design the rehabilitation program tailored for every individual survivor. Quality stroke care skills of individual professionals’ can be sharpen by understanding how knowledge is being applied by different healthcare disciplines, which may promote the successful recovery of a stroke patient. Knowledge gained from this professional certificate may also help your loved ones if you have partners, friends or family members who are suffering from stroke. Regardless if you are a caregiver or stroke survivor, this Professional Certificate Program is for you.
PS: Program contents may stimulate ideas on how stroke patients can continue with home rehabilitations even when hospital services are shutdown during pandemics, such as the COVID-19.

<b>What you will learn</b>
- Journey of the stroke recovery process.
- Needs of stroke survivors.
- Interdisciplinary stroke care.
- Major roles of individual healthcare professionals in stroke recovery process.
- Skills for stroke caregivers.

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