Introduction to DevOps: Practices and Tools Professional Certificate

What you will learn
- How DevOps is influencing software delivery and why it is important for IT operations personnel to skill up with DevOps practices.
- How the open container ecosystem, with Kubernetes in the lead, is truly revolutionizing software delivery and what role an Operations Engineer plays in it.
- The why, what and how of writing Infrastructure as a Code.
- The role played by Continuous Integration (CI) in software delivery.
- What is Continuous Deployment and Continuous Delivery (CD) and what does a deployment pipeline look like.
- The role played by Observability systems, what to observe and why.
- How to implement CI and CD workflows using the Jenkins automation server.
- How to build serverless functions that can be run on any cloud, without being restricted by limits on the execution duration, languages available, or the size of your code.

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Introduction to Jenkins (edX)

Self Paced
Introduction to Jenkins (edX)
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Learn the fundamentals required to implement Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) workflows using the Jenkins automation server. Are you or your team starting to use Jenkins as a CI/CD tool? Are you looking to automate your software delivery process? Do you need guidelines on how to set [...]
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