International Affairs

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The Changing Global Order (Coursera)

How are international power relations changing and how can global peace and stability be maintained? This course familiarizes you with some main theories of international relations, shows how the global order is gradually changing and discusses how selected international and regional organizations contribute to the maintenance of global peace [...]
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Understanding EU-Russia Relations: Foreign Policy Actors, Institutions and Policy-Making (UT)

The main aim of the course is to give students an introduction to and overview of the EU’s and Russia’s foreign policy actors, institutions and frameworks of both entities’ interactions. The course combines various formats of e-learning possibilities (video lectures, short audio podcasts, guest video interviews, skills workshops, etc.). [...]
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Kit de survie juridique des affaires internationales (FUN)

Oct 21st 2019
Kit de survie juridique des affaires internationales (FUN)
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En droit, la mondialisation offre un singulier mélange de liberté et d’inquiétude, car les options sont infinies mais sans filet. Heureusement, la pratique a fait émerger un espéranto et des règles du jeu que l’on retrouve partout. Construit à partir d’exemples très concrets et de cas réels, ce cours [...]
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International Affairs: Global Governance (FutureLearn)

Learn the importance of global governance and explore the processes and institutions finding solutions for global challenges. Countries across the globe are increasingly linked and dependent on each other. This can lead to tensions and confusion. This course will give you a compass to navigate our interconnected [...]
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The Threat of Nuclear Terrorism (Lagunita)

This course, created by former Secretary of Defense William J. Perry, brings internationally renowned experts, scientists, political activists and scholars together to discuss the modern day risk of nuclear terrorism and what can be done to mitigate the danger.
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