Information Visualization Specialization

This specialization provides learners with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to develop a strong foundation in information visualization and to design and develop advanced applications for visual data analysis.
The specialization is characterized by two main complementary features: (1) providing a strong understanding of visual perception and the theory of visual encoding to design and evaluate innovative visualization methods; (2) providing the necessary skills to develop advanced web-based applications for visual data analysis.
The specialization is organized around four courses that cover fundamentals, applied perception, advanced visualization method and interactive visualization.
The specialization is meant to prepare students to work on complex data science projects that require the development of interactive visual interfaces for data analysis. The courses can also be taken individually to improve relevant skills in visualization. For instance, the course on applied perception provides unique skills to evaluate and design innovative visualization in all sorts of scenarios.
- Select the right visualization methods for a given data analysis and presentation problem
- Evaluate the quality of graphs according to their expressiveness and effectiveness
- Inspect Accuracy, Discriminability, Salience, and Separability, and their implications for design.
- Create data visualizations using D3.js

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Information Visualization: Advanced Techniques (Coursera)

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Information Visualization: Programming with D3.js (Coursera)

Sep 19th 2022
Information Visualization: Programming with D3.js (Coursera)
Course Auditing
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Information Visualization: Applied Perception (Coursera)

This module aims at introducing fundamental concepts of visual perception applied to information visualization. These concepts help the student ideate and evaluate visualization designs in terms of how well they leverage the capabilities of the human perceptual machinery.