Human-Robot Interaction Professional Certificate

What you will learn
- The latest research information on Human-Robot Interaction and research methods in the subject area.
- How robots work and how to design one
- What the various forms of Human-Robot Interaction are, including spatial, verbal and non-verbal
- How robots manage emotions
- The practical applications of robots and their role in society

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Methods and Application in Human-Robot Interaction (edX)

Explore the two interaction modalities between humans and robots: verbal and emotional. Learn how to setup a study to evaluate the quality of the interaction from both, the robot’s and the human’s perspectives. Discover application areas for robots and what their role in the future society might be.

Introduction to Human-Robot Interaction (edX)

Discover the basic concepts of human-robot interaction and how robots work. Learn how to design a human-robot interaction and different ways in which users can interact with robots. Introduction to Human-Robot Interaction is part one of the Human-Robot Interaction professional certificate.