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Sep 25th 2017

Everywhere, every day, everybody uses language. There is no human society, no matter how small or how isolated, which does not employ a language that is rich and diverse. This course introduces you to linguistics, featuring interviews with well-known linguists and with speakers of many different languages. Join us to explore the miracles of human language!

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Self Paced

Learn how we develop over our lifetime, including our ability to think, communicate, and form social attachments. Have you ever wondered what babies are capable of from the moment they’re born? Developmental psychology is the study of an individual’s social, emotional, cognitive, and biological development through his or her lifespan. The focus of this course will be from infancy to later life.

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Jun 6th 2016

L’objectif de ce MOOC est de vous faire découvrir quelques éléments-clés de ce que nous savons aujourd’hui du langage humain - cette formidable faculté de communication et d’élaboration de la pensée dont nous sommes dotés.

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