Green Design

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Building Materials and Human Health (Coursera)

This course is an exploration of the impact of building materials on human health, society, and the environment. You learn about toxic exposure and the way toxic chemicals enter the human body. Finally, you consider vulnerabilities in communities and methods for making healthier material choices.

Sustainable Construction in a Circular Economy (Coursera)

This course takes a wide-lens view of the role of materials decisions in circular design and the promotion of a healthier world. You find out how to execute a healthier project. You learn why healthier materials matter to the entire project team and the importance of communication between teams. [...]

Sustainable Building: Design and Specification (Coursera)

This course is an examination of the role designers play in protecting health through specification of materials and choices made in the building design phase. You learn about strategies and principles employed in the execution of healthier design projects. Finally, you look at how the use of healthier materials [...]

More on Change and Sustainability (Coursera)

This is Class 2 of the MOOC Specialization, Become a Sustainable Business Change Agent. In this class you will learn more change agent skills and hear from people who have made changes in their organizations. You will also learn more about green design and sustainability reporting. The skills from [...]

Designing for a Sustainable Future (FutureLearn)

Aug 2nd 2021
Designing for a Sustainable Future (FutureLearn)
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Become a sustainable tech innovator and learn about Design Thinking with Samsung to bring your sustainable tech solutions to life. From environmental tech to green design, find your way in sustainable innovation. Are you curious about how you can use technology to solve our climate crisis?