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Generalized Linear Models and Nonparametric Regression (Coursera)

In the final course of the statistical modeling for data science program, learners will study a broad set of more advanced statistical modeling tools. Such tools will include generalized linear models (GLMs), which will provide an introduction to classification (through logistic regression); nonparametric modeling, including kernel estimators, smoothing splines; [...]

Variable Selection, Model Validation, Nonlinear Regression (Coursera)

If you have a technical background in mathematics/statistics/computer science/engineering and or are pursuing a career change to jobs or industries that are data-driven, this course is for you. Those industries might be finance, retail, tech, healthcare, government, or many others. The opportunity is endless. [...]

Advanced Statistical Inference and Modelling Using R (edX)

Extend your knowledge of linear regression to the situations where the response variable is binary, a count, or categorical as well as to hierarchical experimental set-up. Advanced Statistical Inference and Modelling Using R is part two of the Statistical Analysis in R professional certificate. This course is directed at [...]