Essential quantitative business skills Professional Certificate

What you will learn:
- You will develop your capacity for quantitative analysis to solve optimization problems.
- You will use statistical techniques for data analysis and forecasting of variables in the business environment.
- You will analyze the performance of a company from the information contained in its financial statements.
- You will gain knowledge about data science and how to apply it in business as a business analyst.

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Introduction to Data Science and Basic Statistics for Business (edX)

In this course you will acquire statistical methods for decision making in business, as well as technological tools to develop quantitative skills. Areas such as " big data" require very clear knowledge of statistics and business, technology provides us various applications that require solid training in statistics for proper [...]

Introduction to Mathematics for Finance and Business (edX)

In this course you will apply mathemathical fundamentals to solve cases and problems in the context of business and finance. This course will allow you to use mathematical equations to describe and analyze certain problems that appear in the areas of business and finance.

Financial information and its analysis (edX)

Applies accounting and financial fundamentals to assess the financial situation of the company and inform the decision-making process. Many companies disappear due to mismanagement of their resources, others miss the potential they have by not planning strategically. Accounting gives us the opportunity to understand how the company performs and [...]