Environmental Justice

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Introduction to Religions & Ecology (Coursera)

Sep 19th 2022
Introduction to Religions & Ecology (Coursera)
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At first glance the fields of religion and ecology may seem and unlikely pairing, but a deeper consideration reveals the two have a great deal to contribute to one another and are indeed inextricably linked. Religions recognize the unity and interdependence of humans with nature. Ecological sciences affirm this [...]

Human Health Risks, Health Equity, and Environmental Justice (Coursera)

The fourth and final course of the Impacts of the Environment on Global Public Health specialization will cover two topics. The first is environmental justice – that is, avoiding an inequitable distribution of environmental health threats in our population, and ensuring a healthy and safe environment and health equity [...]

Ethics in Action (edX)

What do the world’s great religious and secular philosophies have to say about ethical conduct? Which virtues are common across faiths? And what role do religious communities have to play in building a more just and sustainable world? The challenges of sustainable development are more than technical or political—they [...]

Eat Your Values (CanopyLAB)

This course explores how what you eat reflects your identity, mental well being and can be a tool for creating the change you want to see in the world. Heather Thomas takes you on a journey that explores food through the lenses of cultural anthropology, climatology and eco-psychology to [...]