DevOps Foundations: Software Development Optimization Professional Certificate

Become a crucial element for your business. Improve software development processes with state-of-the-art continuous integration and delivery technologies to stand out in the industry.
This program has been authored by Anahuac and Holberton, bringing together two Education leaders in Latin America and the USA. This program focuses on security to minimize risks in development and deployment. This course will provide you with state of the art tools (Linux, Jenkins, Puppet, Ansible, Terraform and more) to, reduce the time to launch and deliver products, assuring greater quality and reliability in software businesses, which in turn, promotes productivity, costs reduction and a higher launch rate thanks to the processes automation these tools provide.
Time has always been a key factor and more so in software development since every trial and error affects greatly if a product is ready for the client in an optimal way or even whether updates can be achieved with hundreds of functionalities in one day or a span of several weeks. All this time translates into losses or earnings for a business.
Delays in software development are mainly caused by the obstacles that exist between two areas: development and operations. Both of these work hand in hand, but each one values their own priorities: on one hand, quick pace, innovation and change are valued, while on the other hand code stability, correct implementation and optimization are greatly sought.
In this sense, the concept of DevOps has revolutionized IT teams and has broken down an invisible barrier in order to work bidirectionally and collaboratively with effective communication.

<b>What you will learn</b>
- Conscious understanding of the advantages of automating processes in software development.
- Implementation of continuous integration and continuous delivery methodologies (CI/CD).
- Structure to create applications in containers.
- Design, deployment and maintenance of the automation process in software development.
- Agile creation of a secure, reliable and production ready product.
- DevOps security and testing fundamentals.

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