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An Introduction to Cryptography (Coursera)

Jun 3rd 2024
An Introduction to Cryptography (Coursera)
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Cryptography is an essential part of secure but accessible communication that's critical for our everyday life and organisations use it to protect their privacy and keep their conversations and data confidential. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the fascinating world of cryptography, covering both historical cyphers and modern-day [...]

Introduction to Encryption and Cryptography (FutureLearn)

Learn how encryption keeps information safe, and teach your students how it's used in the world today. Supported by Google. Discover the history of encryption and learn how it's used in the modern world. On this course, you will learn about what encryption is and understand its use in [...]

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming (edX)

The term “Computation” refers to the action performed by a computer. A computation can be a basic operation and it can also be a sophisticated computer simultation requiring a large amount of data and substantial resources. This course aims at introducing learners with no prior knowledge to basics and [...]