Database Design and Operational Business Intelligence Specialization

The goal of this specialization is to provide a comprehensive and holistic view of business intelligence and its enabling technologies, including relational databases, data warehousing, descriptive statistics, data mining, and visual analytics. Through this series of courses, you will explore relational database design, data manipulation through Extract/Transform/Load (ETL), gaining actionable insight through data analytics, data-based decision support, data visualization, and practical, hands-on experience with real-world business intelligence tools.
<b>What You Will Learn</b>
- Develop an in-depth understanding of data warehouse design and data manipulation
- Describe what business intelligence (BI) is and what it does
- Gain hands-on experience in SQL coding, data mining models, and data visualization
- Create an ERD that shows progression from conceptual to logical to physical design

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Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence (Coursera)

This course builds on “The Nature of Data and Relational Database Design” to extend the process of capturing and manipulating data through data warehousing and data mining. Once the transactional data is processed through ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), it is then stored in a data warehouse for use in [...]

Business Intelligence and Visual Analytics (Coursera)

Building on “Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence,” this course focuses on data visualization and visual analytics. Starting with a thorough coverage of what data visualization is and what type of visualization is good for a given purpose, the course quickly dives into development of practical skills and knowledge about [...]

The Nature of Data and Relational Database Design (Coursera)

This course provides a comprehensive overview of data, various data types, design of databases for storage of data, and creation and manipulation of data in databases using SQL. By the end of this course, students will be able to describe what business intelligence is and how it’s different from [...]