Cross-Functional Collaboration Specialization

Lead and Facilitate Cross-functional Collaboration. Learn in-demand skills of leading, navigating, and facilitating cross-functional collaboration in product and project teams.
Effective collaboration has the power to cultivate innovation, create connection, and drive durable outcomes. In this course, Oxana Trotsenko, an adjunct professor of change leadership and an experienced transformation leader is teaching you how to become a successful leader who can build effective cross-functional collaboration. Learn the critical leadership skills required for creating a culture of collaboration and navigating the inherent conflict while influencing across organizations. We will approach this specialization in three steps: crawl, walk, and run with each subsequent course building on the previous one.

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Mastering the Art of Cross-Functional Collaboration (Coursera)

Every element of this course is focused on preparing you to understand yourself and how you lead. Your clarity comes from your heart, your intuition, and your mind. At the end of the day, the way you lead has to come from who you are. It will be up to you to figure this out for yourself.

Fundamentals of Cross-Functional Collaboration (Coursera)

Our ability to cultivate and lead cross-functional collaboration strongly depends on our level of self-awareness. In this course, you will develop an understanding of basic cross-functional collaboration concepts and definitions, create a leadership self-awareness profile, and learn how to navigate and manage four most prevalent collaboration [...]

Facilitating and Leading Cross-Functional Collaboration (Coursera)

In this course, you will learn the skills needed for effective cross-functional collaboration and practical tactics for applying them. Since understanding concepts intellectually is always easier than knowing how to apply them practically, you will be presented with an opportunity to practice in a low-stakes environment while being guided [...]