Chinese Economy

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China’s Economic Transformation Part 1: Economic Reform and Growth in China (Coursera)

In 1978, after nearly 30 years of socialist planning under Mao Zedong, China was one of the world’s poorest countries, saddled with an inefficient, inward-looking economy. Today, China is an upper-middle income country and the world’s largest trading nation, contributing more to global economic growth than any other nation. [...]
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Chinese Politics Part 2 - China and the World (Coursera)

One of the most significant changes in the world in the past 30 years is the opening of China to the outside world and its engagement with that world. In the initial years of the opening, external forces influenced China’s economy, regional balances, bureaucracy, as well as the political [...]
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Development in Emerging Economies: The Case of China (edX)

Curious about China's development and the Chinese market but haven't known where to start? Peking University brings you an easy-to-understand primer. Guanghua's professors will unpack China's development over five weeks, first giving an overview of China's economic growth as context before addressing private equity, real estate financing, banking, the [...]
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