Anti-Racism Specialization

Anti-Racism is a three-course specialization intended for anyone who is interested in learning about race and racism, particularly in the context of the United States, wants to be an anti-racist advocate, or seeks to incorporate anti-racist practices into their daily lives.
Anti-Racism I is an ideal starting place for learners unfamiliar with critical race theory and want a primer on race and racism in the United States. Anti-Racism II builds on the basics introduced in the first course and explores historical and linguistic constructions of race and racism in the United States and the theory of intersectionality. The second course also asks learners to apply its content to cultural contexts outside of the US, and it culminates in an interview project aimed at deepening conversational nuance when learners engage with the topics of race and racism with family, friends, colleagues, or peers. Anti-Racism III then puts the theory introduced in the first two courses into practice. Learners will create a plan for practicing anti-racism and develop a project for community outreach and engagement.

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Anti-Racism III (Coursera)

Anti-Racism III is the third course in CU Boulder's Anti-Racism specialization on Coursera. You will be asked to apply and deepen what you've learned about race, racism, identity, and inequality in the first and second courses to a more global context that understands systemic racism and white supremacy as [...]