Zuo Jiane

Zuo Jiane holds a Ph.D degree, and is a professor as well, as vice-president in the school of Environment at Tsinghua University. He graduated from the Environmental Science and Engineering Department, Tsinghua University in 1991, and became a teacher at Tsinghua in 1995 when he got a Ph.D degree. He is the main teacher of the National Best Course: Water and Wastewater Treatment Engineering and Principles of Environment Engineering and the core lectures of department: Production Internship In Water Treatment and Course Design Of Water Treatment.
He focuses on anaerobic biotechnology for organic wastewater and solid waste treatment and biogas recovery, rain water collection and pollution control & sewer system evaluation and maintenance, evaluation for pharmaceutical wastewater treatment technologies and BAT confirmation, etc. He was awarded the third prize of Basic Teaching Skills Competition Of Beijing Youth Teachers, the special prize of Teaching Achievement Of Tsinghua University, the second and third prize of Environment Protection Science And Technology, the second prize of Beijing Science And Technology Progress.

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