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Zachary Dodds is a professor of computer science at Harvey Mudd College. He is interested in supporting teachers of computer science with resources that make the field accessible, compelling, and fun. These materials in particular have been designed for those approaching the subject with a teacher's eye - whether or not student and teacher are distinct! MyCS will be successful to that extent that CS becomes "something that people like me can do," for as many "me"s as possible.

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Jun 7th 2016

A fun, fast-paced introduction to solving interesting problems with computer science through Python programming. Looking to get started with computer science while learning to program in Python? This computer science course provides an introduction to computer science that’s both challenging and fun.

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May 12th 2015

A fun and creative introduction to computer science for learners in late elementary school and beyond. Learn fun computer science concepts and practice them by programming in Scratch.

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