Vladimir Zuev

Vladimir Zuev graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations specializing in world economy and international economic relations in 1977, and studied at the University of Sorbonne, Paris, France. In 1981 he received PhD (Economics), and in 2011 he became Doctor of Sciences. From 2003 he is a professor at the Higher School of Economics, in 2015 became a Head of the Section oа Global Economic Regulation of the Word Economy Department at HSE, as well as Academic Director of the International Trade Policy joint Master program. Vladimir was a member of many international organizations, including the Centre Internationale de Formation Europeenne (1987-2013, France), Centre for European studies at the University of Monash, Australia (2010-2013) and others.
He was a researcher in the leading universities in Europe, Asia and North America. The main directions of his research are regionalism and regional integration, the EU institutions and policies, global economic governance, international economic organizations, the Russian economy, Russia and the WTO, Russia and major global institutions, economic relations between the EU and Russia.
He wrote around 1000 pages of case studies and policy advice papers to Russian authorities on international and domestic issues. He participated in drafting of the Soviet Union recognition of the EC act in 1989, the USSR-EC and later Russia-EU Partnership Agreement and developed adaptation policies of the Russia to WTO entry, as well as other agreements. In addition, he was a member of the Russian G20 Expert Council on international trade in 2013 and was a participant and a speaker at numerous international conferences and forums.
He is an author of numerous publications in Russian and international journals, as well as the author of six individual books on the topic of regional integration, trade, global governance, economic crises etc.

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