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Vishal Sikka is a member of the Executive Board of SAP AG and the Global Managing Board, leading all SAP products and innovation. Vishal has global responsibility for development and delivery of all products across SAP’s product portfolio including Applications, Analytics, Cloud, Database & Technology and Mobile. Vishal is also responsible for leading the design and end-user experience for SAP, and is responsible for driving all innovation globally.

Vishal has led the development and delivery of SAP’s breakthrough in-memory platform, SAP HANA, and he continues to drive HANA as the foundation and platform for SAP’s entire portfolio as well as the company’s broader ecosystem of customers, partners and developers. He also oversees SAP’s technology platform, cloud operations, partnerships, customer co-innovation & development, SAP Ventures, and incubation of emerging businesses. He has global responsibility for research and academic and government relations.

Vishal is the author of "Timeless Software," which represents the renewal of products without disruption to customer environments, and this underpins the SAP architecture and innovation strategy.

Vishal holds a doctorate in computer science from Stanford University in California, and his experience includes research in artificial intelligence, intelligent systems, programming languages and models, and information management and integration – at Stanford, at Xerox Palo Alto Labs, and as founder of two startup companies.

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SAP HANA is the most talked about SAP innovation in recent times. All SAP products are moving to SAP HANA but do you know what SAP HANA is or what it does?
Vishal Sikka, Member of the SAP Executive Board, invites you to join him in this special edition openSAP course. Starting with the idea and need for SAP HANA to be created, Vishal explains life before SAP HANA and how SAP HANA can help SAP’s customers to run better.

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