Sven Kohlhaas




Sven Kohlhaas is a product manager for SAP HANA Cloud Platform, focusing on evangelization and onboarding developers, customers, and partners.

He is an active member of the SAP Community Network, and has also held several workshops and hackathons around SAP HANA Cloud Platform in the past.

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Sep 5th 2017

Join this free online course to learn and experience how SAP Cloud Platform works. If you’re interested in developing and operating innovative cloud applications, learn how SAP Cloud Platform and its capabilities and services can support you to achieve your goals. Since its introduction in 2012, SAP Cloud Platform has been continually improved and additional functionality has been delivered. In this basics course, you’ll get an overview of the platform in its most up-to-date state yet, including the Cloud Foundry-based offering.

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Apr 5th 2017

In this advanced course, you’ll learn how to develop Java-based apps on SAP HANA Cloud Platform using the newly updated Enterprise Sales & Procurement Model (ESPM) application. With the ESPM app, we’ll demonstrate the end-to-end process for developers to leverage the capabilities of SAP HANA Cloud Platform for Java-based apps.

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