Stephen Jamieson

Stephen Jamieson is global head of solutions developed as part of the Circular Economy program at SAP. He leads the development of the industry solutions needed to keep products in use, design out waste, and regenerate natural systems. As the founder of SAP’s Plastics Challenge, Stephen has been working with industry, NGOs, and regulatory stakeholders to develop solutions aligned to SAP’s 2030 Clean Ocean Vision. This has led to SAP’s Circular Economy program, where Stephen leads the go-to-market and commercialization of solutions.

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Helping Business Thrive in a Circular Economy (openSAP)

Oct 4th 2021
Helping Business Thrive in a Circular Economy (openSAP)
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Join this free online course to learn about the advantages of an inclusive circular economy. Discover how a circular economy can help us tackle the impact the linear economy is having on the planet, people, and modern businesses.
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