Steffen Foss Hansen

I have mainly worked on and published papers in the field of regulation and risk assessment of nanomaterials. Specifically, I have worked with application of voluntary environmental programs, stakeholder analysis, risk analysis and the precautionary principle in the EU, mapping of consumer products containing nanomaterials and studied limitations of EU’s chemical legislation (REACH) and its technical guidelines.
So far most of my/our work in regard to regulation of nanomaterials has focused on identifying and mapping the regulatory limitations. In the future, I wish to focus more on caving out and sketching what a new nanospecific regulatory framework based on science and the principle of prevention/precaution could look like and what the key elements of such a framework should be.
Besides research, I have taught at DTU in among other 1) Nanotechnology and the Environment and 2) Environmental Management and Ethics since 2004 and I have increasingly become involved in more and more Master- and Bachelor-level courses and continued education courses at DTU Environment, DTU Management and DTU Nano.

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