Shizuo Akira

Dr. Akira, M.D., Ph.D. Professor, Director of WPI Immunology Frontier Center, Osaka University, has been focused on the innate immune system, which is an evolutionally-conserved host defense mechanism against pathogens. He is famous for his ground-breaking discoveries of Toll-like receptors—key molecules of innate immunity—and their functions. He has received a number of famed prizes including the Robert Koch Prize, the William B. Coley Award, and the Canada Gairdner International Award, and he was also selected as one of the “Highly Cited Researchers” by Thomson Reuters CO, USA.

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The Immune System: New Developments in Research - Part 1 (edX)

Basic principles of immunology including the latest topics leading to novel therapeutic approaches. This course will provide fundamental knowledge in immunology as well as some advanced topics from cutting-edge research results, such as cancer immunotherapy and novel vaccine development. Immunity is the body’s system of protection from attack by pathogens [...]
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