Shirley Tse

Shirley is a registered occupational therapist and social worker in Hong Kong. She is currently the occupational therapist (I) of the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation. She has been working for community-based rehabilitation service for people with disabilities and chronic health conditions since 2003. Apart from the frontline service, she also has extensive experience in providing supervision and on-job training to the rehabilitation practitioners of the pediatric and geriatric service, supporting the project planning and development, providing consultation service of rehabilitation department of hospitals, social welfare institutions and community based organizations in China and Southeast Asia.

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Science of Stroke Recovery (edX)

Learn rationales behind the stroke care pathway for supporting treatments and rehabilitation. The real-life stroke scenario presented in ANA101x Human Anatomy has invited vigorous discussions on whether fully recovery from a severe stroke is possible and how it could happen. The knowledge of anatomy has arisen a series of [...]
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