Sharif Maghraby

Sharif Maghraby has been leading the delivery of 'SAP Innovate to Win', a global innovation enablement and coaching service, since 2018. He has successfully led the design and delivery of more than 100 in-person and virtual workshops that have resulted in the design and development of over 300 prototypes. An ICF accredited coach (ACC), Sharif focuses on the areas of innovation, communication, and creative leadership, and applies the latest practices from design thinking, business model innovation, systemic coaching, and positive psychology to empower people to co-create innovative solutions that generate value for internal and external stakeholders.
Sharif holds a BA in Mass Communication and a postgraduate degree in New Media Studies from Vancouver Film School. He loves to design, develop, and produce compelling stories that motivate people towards positive and creative action.

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Design Thinking in a Nutshell (openSAP)

Oct 4th 2021
Design Thinking in a Nutshell (openSAP)
Free Course
Join this free online course to learn about the proven design thinking methodology. Immerse yourself in activities that will help you practice in-demand skills based on real-life opportunities and strengthen your capacity for innovation, problem solving, and creativity.
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