Ross Casanova

Ross Casanova has been working in the field of Cybersecurity since retiring from the United States Army, as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer in 2001. He has extensive experience in leadership, project management, intelligence analysis, training development and adult distance learning. He has served the intelligence community in various roles including multidiscipline counter intelligence, special access programs, intelligence analysis, terrorism counteractions, electronic intelligence operations, physical and communications security, counter-signals intelligence, and telecommunication operations. He has over twenty years’ experience as a Department of Defense (DoD) Master Instructor and technical trainer who has trained personnel in various Cybersecurity, analysis, security, communications and intelligence arenas, creating various training programs for clients using traditional systematic training approaches. He was responsible for the establishment of the SRA Cyber Training and Certification Program and Testing Center capability, fostering professional certification training program relationships with top industry providers. Mr. Casanova is experienced in security policy development, system security plans and procedures, and analytical risk assessment. He has provided technical support and co-authored various government organization security policies and high-level security risk assessments. In addition, he is knowledgeable with Federal laws and guidance relating to information security and training development. He has knowledge in various operating systems, analysis programs, development software, data processing and graphics programs. He holds several DoD 8570 / 8140 cyber certifications, is IAT/IAM Level III, CNDSP and IASAE Level II eligible, is bilingual (Spanish 3, 3) with proficiency in several Latin American dialects.

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