Priit Tammets




Analyst & web designer
 in Centre for Educational Technology in Tallinn Universtiy; graduated Tallinn University, Tallinn, Interactive Media and Knowledge Environments master program in 2008. During the studies he took several additional courses from other universities like Paper Prototyping from University of Art and Design, Helsinki and Contemporary Media from Academy of Arts, Tallinn. On years 2007-2010 he was teacher in secondary school Tallinna Lilleküla Gümnaasium, where he had courses on modern media creation process and tools. Starting from 2009 he is involved in several Innovation Voucher Grant projects which are product development grants offered to small and medium sized Estonian enterprises. Expected results are increase of the number of SMEs cooperating with universities, research institutions and innovation service providers and applicability of knowledge created in universities and value for SMEs. In takes part in these projects as web designer and project manager.

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May 18th 2015

The course aim is to provide participants the opportunity to familiarize themselves with their mobile device(s) that they use every day and to show them opportunities how to use mobile devices more efficiently and together create a memorable and educational massive open online course experience.

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