Paul Nesbit

Paul is a management academic who has been on the faculty of Macquarie University since 1999. He teaches the core MBA subject Organisational Behaviour as well as an elective subject that he developed, called Managerial Self-Development. He has received a Vice Chancellor’s Award for teaching excellence. His current research focuses on self-leadership and self-directed learning approaches for leader development and has published in a range of International peer-reviewed journals and presented his research at international conferences. He has also consulted with industry in the area of leadership development.

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Professional development: Improve yourself, always (Coursera)

Nov 22nd 2021
Professional development: Improve yourself, always (Coursera)
Course Auditing
The world of work is characterised by rapid ongoing change. In this dynamic environment, one of the most critical skills for leaders is their capacity to learn and to adapt; to engage in the continuous development of their skills in managing and leading others. This course will assist you [...]
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