Patricia Schetter

Patricia Schetter, M.A., BCBA, oversees the California Autism Professional Training and Information Network project, which provides training, coaching and resources in evidence-based practices to educators, service coordinators, clinical staff and families throughout California. She is also an adviser and instructor for the UC Davis Extension Autism Spectrum Disorders Professional Concentration program. Schetter is the author of Learning the R.O.P.E.S. for Improved Executive Function (2003), The Autism Program Development and Review Protocol (2009) and the award-winning Percy Learns to Fly (2012), a children’s book about discovering children’s differences and recognizing that being different isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In her spare time she enjoys swimming, bike riding, watching movies and spending time with her husband and two teenaged sons. Prior to her coming to UC Davis, Schetter worked as a SELPA Program Specialist, classroom teacher, behavior analyst and provider of behavioral services.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder (Coursera)

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