Nikos Mattheos

Nikos Mattheos is the Clinical Associate Professor and Associate Dean at the Department of Oral Rehabilitation of the Faculty of Dentistry at HKU. His trip in implant dentistry started many years ago in the Periodontology department at the University of Malmo in Sweden and had gone through many stations since then. Today, at HKU, his trip is still going on full speed. He has always found implant dentistry to be a fascinating subject, and what's more important than to bring "the teeth, the bone, and the smile back" to toothless patients.

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Implant Dentistry (Coursera)

Implant Dentistry is one of the most dynamic and rapidly developing areas within oral health care. In spite of increasing popularity of implantology, it is a relatively new discipline within dental education and remains limited to post-graduate courses offered by dental schools in many parts of the world [...]