M.F. Montemor

Full Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico, Department of Chemical Engineering and Vice president for academic Affairs. She is the actual coordinator of the course “energy storage” and member of the executive Committee of the Master Programme in Energy engineering and Management.
Her scientific activity focusses the development of new functional coatings for surface protection and for energy conversion and storage. One of her most relevant research line includes metal compound redox conductive coatings for energy storage in supercapacitor applications.
She aims at finding new solutions for advanced electrochemical energy storage applications and she drives an electric car that is charged with renewable energy in her farm in the country side.

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Metal Air Batteries (IST)

This course is intended for Master students and researchers with special interest in energy storage. Main goals: understand the working principle of a metal-air battery; recognize the main applications of metal-air batteries; identify the components of a metal-air battery and their function; identify the different metals that can be [...]
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