Melanie Morgan




Dr. Melanie Morgan is an Associate Professor in the Brian Lamb School of Communication at Purdue University and serves as the school’s Director of Graduate Studies. Professor Morgan’s expertise is in science communication and she has worked with industry professionals to improve the communication of complex information in a range of organizational contexts, including legal communication and engineering industries. She is the author of Effective Presentations.

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Apr 17th 2017

Understand how to communicate complex information to lay audiences and develop your professional communication skills.

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Jan 10th 2017

Improving communication skills and presentation effectiveness for scientists, engineers, and professionals.Far too frequently, the people who have the most to say have the hardest time saying it. Many of the best minds in our society, our most talented employees and our most promising students, fail to have the impact they could because of ineffective strategies for communicating their ideas and insights to others.

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