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Dr. Mathias Kirchmer is an innovative executive and thought leader in the ever evolving world of Business Process Management (BPM). Over the last 24 years Dr. Kirchmer has combined his broad practical business experience with his extensive academic research. This systematic integration has led to pioneering management approaches that have proven to be both sustainable and provide immediate benefits.

Most recently, Dr. Kirchmer has founded BPM-D, a company focused on enabling the next generation enterprise by leveraging the discipline of BPM. He is now Managing Director and Co-CEO of this organization.

Before Dr. Kirchmer has been Accenture’s Managing Director & Global Lead for BPM. He developed inventive BPM services across industries and geographies resulting in significant revenue growth. Dr. Kirchmer’s major process initiatives transformed business for his clients and created significant assets internally at Accenture. He became the face of Accenture’s BPM Practice, authoring two books as well as numerous thought leadership pieces.

Prior to joining Accenture, Dr. Kirchmer was the CEO of the Americas & Japan and The Chief Innovation & Marketing Officer for IDS Scheer, a leading provider of software and consulting solutions for BPM. In these roles, Dr. Kirchmer was successful in growing the company, attracting top talent and improving retention rates while increasing revenues significantly. He established key partnerships, integrated IDS Scheer operating units in North and South America and set up a vibrant mid-market business.

Dr. Kirchmer’s career is exemplified by his intellectual and practical approach to BPM business solutions. His deep and layered knowledge of BPM methodology has proven successful with small and large companies in various industries around the world, including Germany, France, USA, Brazil, Chile, Japan, and India. He speaks German, English and French.

Dr. Kirchmer remains involved in academia as an affiliated faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania since 1998, the Business School of Widener University and the Universidad of Chile as a visiting professor. In 1984, he received a research and teaching fellowship from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. Dr. Kirchmer is a published authority of BPM authoring six books and numerous articles for a variety of publications making him a much sought after speaker and expert.

Dr. Kirchmer holds a PHD in Information Systems from Saarbrucken University, a Master in Business Administration and Computer Science from Karlsruhe Technical University, as well as a Master in Economics from Paris-IX-Dauphine University.

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