Maria Huachen Zhu

Maria Zhu is Assistant Professor at The University of Hong Kong and Adjunct Professor at the Shantou University. She is also Associate Director of the Division of Infection, International Institute of Infection and Immunity, Shantou University Medical College and the State Key Laboratory of Emerging Infectious Diseases Partner Laboratory at HKU-Shenzhen Branch. She is a molecular biologist and virologist with particular interests in emerging infectious diseases caused by RNA viruses. Her research in recent years has provided understanding of the genesis, development and risk assessment of the swine-origin pandemic H1N1/2009, the avian H7N9 and other related emerging influenza viruses.

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Epidemics (Coursera)

“If history is our guide, we can assume that the battle between the intellect and will of the human species and the extraordinary adaptability of microbes will be never-ending.” Despite all the remarkable technological breakthroughs that we have made over the past few decades, the threat from infectious [...]

Epidemics I (edX)

Explore the science, prevention and control of epidemics in this free online course. In addition to lectures by leading scientists in this field from HKU, this course will feature a supplementary module on COVID-19 and panel discussions with world-leading experts in epidemics.