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Manuel Soler has a PhD in Aerospace Engineering. He is currently Assistant Professor at UC3M, Department of Bioeng. and Aerospace Engineering, where he leads the Air Navigation and Control research line and teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in air navigation, flight mechanics and control, and air transport. He has been a visiting scholar at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and UC Berkeley, USA.

He has participated in several research projects, e.g., POTRA (Clean-SKY), SESEAR WP-E HALA! PhD project [PI], and OPTMET [PI]; and consultancy projects with Boeing [PI] and Innaxis [PI], and published his work in international journal and conference proceedings, including two books. Dr. Soler was recognized with the SESAR Young Scientist Award 2013. He is member of the HALA! network scientific committee. He is currently supervising three PhD students.

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