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I am Head of the University of Nottingham's History Department, and Professor of Modern History. I was educated at Cambridge (BA 1992, PhD 1996, JRF 1995-98), taught at the University of Manchester from 1998-2011, whilst also holding visiting appointments at Harvard; the Australian National University; Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona; UCL; and the Free University of Berlin, and finally joined the University of Nottingham in 2011. I have been loving every minute of my job here at Nottingham: it is a great privilege to lead such an inspirational group of colleagues, and I have also been extremely lucky to find others with related historical interests with whom I greatly enjoy collaborating -- most notably Prof Liz Harvey, with whom I have a joint project on photography in Nazi Germany (click here and here for our last two events, more news coming soon), and Profs Mat Humphrey and Michael Freeden, both in our School of Politics, with whom I co-direct the Centre for the Study of Political Ideologies; Mat and I are also working on a project on the role of authenticity in naturalising various ideologies in modern European history.

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Jun 12th 2017

Find out how propaganda is used to instil political ideologies and its impact on our daily lives, with this free online course. This free online course explores the building blocks of our political views: freedom, community, place, justice and choice. These words mean different things to different people – such radically different things in fact, that individuals, protest movements and entire states often go to war to assert their understanding of, say, freedom over somebody else’s.

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