Liudmila Radionova

Liudmila V. Radionova Associated Professor, Ph.D. (techn.), Head of Processes and Machines of Metal Forming Department, South Ural State University. Russia, Chelyabinsk PUBLICATIONS: More than 120 scientific papers in total. Scopus Author ID: 57170512000 (h-index = 5). Author ID (Russian Scientific Citation Index): 644779 (h-index = 9). ORCID: 0000-0001-9587-2925

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Additive Technologies in Metallurgy & Mechanical Engineering (Coursera)

Every teenager is ready to answer the question - what is 3d printer? But not every experienced engineer can imagine where and how additive technologies can be applied in mechanical engineering and especially in metallurgy. This is the subject of our online course. The use of additive technologies is [...]