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Dr. Leonid Polishchuk is an economist with broad experience in research, policy analysis, technical assistance and teaching at graduate and undergraduate levels. His main areas of professional expertise include institutional reform and development, federal-provincial relations, political economy of transition, public sector economics and economics of regulation. Since 1994 Dr. Polishchuk has been conducting policy analysis, research and technical assistance projects on various aspects of economic transition and development, public policy making, legal and regulatory reform. Many of these efforts were aimed at strengthening domestic capacity of transition and developing countries for high quality economic research and education. He participated in and/or supervised collaborative studies of policy-relevant issues, such as privatization, fiscal and public sector reform, social programs and poverty reduction, economic regulation, political economy of transition, etc. He also worked with newly-established universities and think tanks to introduce modern standards and tools of economic analysis, management and accounting procedures, and facilitate creation of national and international networks of think tanks and policy analysts. In 2004 he participated in ADB-contracted Country Governance Assessment for Uzbekistan, and in 2003 performed an assessment of the UNDP program in support of the Center for Economic Research in Tashkent. His other country experience includes Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan and Romania. He has authored or co-authored over 40 publications.

More info: http://www.policy.hu/bagirov/LP%20CV.htm

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This course deals with the economic role of the state and explores factors that affect government performance. Both normative economic theories of the state and positive analyses of government’s involvement in the private sector will be presented.

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