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Laurent Bibard is Professor and former Dean of MBA programs at the ESSEC Business School, France/Singapore. Laurent holds a PhD in Economics and a PhD in Political Philosophy. His research is based on this twofold education - questioning management from a philosophical perspective, and exploring philosophical thoughts through management experiences and practices. His most recent research focuses on organizational vigilance interpreted as the organizational conditions favouring collective as well as individual mindfulness on one hand, and gender relations on the other hand. Laurent practices what he teaches. He consults, coaches and accompanies business leaders in organizational change processes. Laurent has been a frequent guest speaker in internationally renowned business schools such as Mannheim Business School (Germany), UQAM (Canada), Keio Business School (Japan). His most recent publications include Conducting Business in Viet-Nam: A Brief for International Managers and Towards a phenomenology of Management : from Modelling to day-to-day Moral Sensemaking Cognition. Two of Laurent's books are currently being translated, Sexualité et mondialisation (Sexuality and Globalization) into English, and La sagesse et le feminine (Wisdom and Feminity) into Japanese.

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Aug 7th 2017

Ce MOOC a l’intention d’affronter et traiter des problèmes que rencontrent chaque personne, chaque groupe, chaque entreprise, chaque société, de façon de plus en plus aiguë et pressante ; dans notre temps d’évolution accélérée, de transformations ininterrompues, de mondialisation incontrôlée, d’incertitudes.

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