Karl Benson

Karl Benson is an application lifecycle management specialist consultant with SAP. He possess a deep knowledge of SAP Solution Manager and Focused Build, and is well versed in SAP Activate from his time working with customers on implementation projects.
Karl served as the course architect and delivery lead for this openSAP course. He is actively involved in the creation and delivery of SAP Cloud ALM rollout content, has spoken at the annual ALM Summit, and has written blogs on SAP Cloud ALM topics.

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Accelerate Cloud Implementations with SAP Cloud ALM (openSAP)

Jun 15th 2021
Accelerate Cloud Implementations with SAP Cloud ALM (openSAP)
Free Course
Join this free online course to learn about SAP Cloud ALM and how it can help you with the implementation of cloud solutions from SAP. For a deeper understanding of SAP Cloud ALM, the course includes hands-on exercises.
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