Josephine Lau

Josephine is a versatile educator. Her skills have been honed by more than 18 years of teaching experience when she taught a variety of basic medical science subjects. Her expertise includes Gross Anatomy, Histology, Physiology and Pathophysiology, and she has taught these subjects at different degree levels in various health profession programmes such as medicine, nursing, pharmacy, medical laboratory science, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, optometry as well as biomedical engineering at three local universities in Hong Kong. She also has extensive experience in practicing flipped classroom approaches and e-assessment in basic medical science subjects.

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Science of Stroke Recovery (edX)

Learn rationales behind the stroke care pathway for supporting treatments and rehabilitation. The real-life stroke scenario presented in ANA101x Human Anatomy has invited vigorous discussions on whether fully recovery from a severe stroke is possible and how it could happen. The knowledge of anatomy has arisen a series of [...]
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