Jörg Göppert

Jörg Göppert is a member of a multidisciplinary team that focuses on innovations around SAP Fiori.

The proof-of-concept projects he works on use Design Thinking. This highly iterative approach requires a very open and agile communication between disciplines. Along the whole process, he uses and promotes sketching techniques such as storyboarding and screen sketching in the design phase, and technical architecture sketches in the development phase.

Jörg believes sketching is a very good tool to build up a common understanding within teams.

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Be Visual! Sketching Basics for IT Business (openSAP)

Oct 27th 2021
Be Visual! Sketching Basics for IT Business (openSAP)
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Join this free, online openSAP course ‘Be Visual! Sketching Basic for IT Business’ and start learning the very basics of sketching. By applying the practice-oriented tips and tricks in this course, you’ll gain the confidence to present your ideas visually. Sketching helps you to communicate abstract ideas and transform [...]
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