Joana Madeira

Joana Madeira has a Degree in Materials Engineering and a Master in Corrosion Science at Instituto Superior Técnico. She is a researcher at Corrosion Science and Surface Engineering Group (Centro de Química Estrutural IST) since 2014 in the field of Aluminium Corrosion. In 2018 started to focus her work on the field of Energy Storage, namely in developing an online course on Battery Storage.
Passionate about Science and Engineering she has found in Energy Storage an exciting and promising subject to dedicate herself 100%.

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Metal Air Batteries (IST)

This course is intended for Master students and researchers with special interest in energy storage. Main goals: understand the working principle of a metal-air battery; recognize the main applications of metal-air batteries; identify the components of a metal-air battery and their function; identify the different metals that can be [...]
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