Jingsong Shawn Yu

Associate Professor Jingsong Shawn YU received his first Master’s degree in information management from Peking University in 2002 and the second Master’s degree in library and information science from University of Pittsburgh in 2004. Now he is seeking his PhD degree in natural language processing at Peking University. He works on information retrieval/search engine, machine translation/computer aided translation, and other translation technologies, such as translation project management.
He currently serves as the vice dean of the Department of Language Information Engineering at Peking University’s School of Software and Microelectronics since 2005 and teaches several graduate-level courses. He was one of the founders of the first Masters’ program in computer aided translation in Mainland China in 2006.

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计算机辅助翻译原理与实践 Principles and Practice of Computer-Aided Translation (Coursera)

讲授计算机辅助翻译技术的基本概念,及多种辅助翻译工具的原理和使用方法,锻炼学生在技术环境下从事翻译工作等其他各类语言服务工作的能力,并帮助学生理解信息化时代的语言服务工作。 This course introduces the basic concepts of computer-aided translation technology and helps students learn to use computer-aided translation tools.